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Gutter Installation


Your gutters could be a complete loss with their efficiency. The damage may have reached the point that cleaning and repairs would be more expensive than new gutter installation. Renovex Pro LLC. can provide an estimate to help you budget your home improvement for gutter service.

Installing your own gutter system can be time consuming and dangerous. Mistakes can be easily made, contacting a professional roofing contractor to set your gutter system correctly is in your best interest. You wouldn’t want to spend money and time on a home improvement repair attempt only to have it break down on you. At Renovex Pro LLC., our roofer is certified and uses the appropriate materials and supplies for exceptional gutter installation and roof patching. If there has been recent upgrades for gutters and downspouts, we will gladly inform our customers about the latest durable drainage system options.

If you are looking for experienced gutter installation, we are here to help. Contact our residential and commercial roofing service today!

Gutter Protection

How to control mosquitoes & the Zika virus

  1. Clean out your gutters – Any debris clogging or reducing flow in your gutters could create a premier breeding location for mosquitoes.
  2. Consider gutter protection – Instead of just clearing clogged gutter, invest in a product that prevents debris from entering your gutter system in the first place.
  3. Empty all containers – You’d be surprised how many planter pots, wheelbarrows, buckets, or kids toys catch and hold water. And since mosquitoes can lay their eggs in just a fraction of an inch of water, these hidden liquid containers make perfect nesting grounds for mosquito families.
  4. Maintain landscaping – Standing water can also be a problem in your yard (especially if you have kids who run through sprinklers or play with outdoor water toys), so you should fill in lower areas with dirt so water won’t accumulate there. Of course, it’s easier to see these problem spots if your yard is mowed, bushes are trimmed, and landscaping is weeded.
  5. Treat your watery areas – If you have a swimming pool, water feature, birdbath, or other area which is filled with water, take steps to keep mosquitoes away from them. There’s a type of bacteria, known as bacillus thuringiensis israelensis, which kills mosquito larvae. Adding this bacterium to your pooled water can prevent the formation of new mosquito populations.
  6. Citronella candles – Lighting a citronella candle is popular for porches or patios. They offer a nice fragrance that can help keep mosquitoes away.
  7. Mosquito traps – There is a wide array of traps available for small or large yards as well as patio areas or decks. They can be powered by electricity, propane, or batteries — and they let you know they’re working with each “zap.”
  8. Chemicals – There are a lot of options for chemical treatment on the market including short-term foggers and long-term insecticidal sprays. Be sure to read up on the pluses and minuses for backyard use before introducing insecticide to your home space.
  9. Build a bat house – Bats eat mosquitoes and other insects, so you may want to invite the winged mammals over by constructing a home for them atop a high pole. This is an especially attractive option for very large yards or acreage.
  10. Smartphone app – Believe it or not, there’s an app for an Android and iPhone that emits an ultrasonic sound which is bothersome for mosquitoes.